Friday, May 20, 2011

Massive Movie Crushes From A-Z: Swooning Through The Alphabet #3

As you may have read, I have developed so many massive movie star crushes over the years that I have had to catalog them alphabetically (click here for A-F and G-M). Bringing up the rear alphabetically, but not in my heart, I bring you my crushes N-W (still waiting for those X, Y and Z heartthrobs!).

N O P - I Could Go On All Day
Jack Nicholson
Oh Jack - you are such a rogue, but I confess I love the rogues the most. Jack has that old-time Hollywood charisma that still twinkles, even now. Loved him most in "Reds" where he broke my heart as Eugene O'Neill. I know he's a bad boy, but I'd never expect him to be anything but!

Paul Newman
What's not to love here? One of the handsomest and most decent guys ever to grace the screen. He was hot in "Sweet Bird of Youth" and "The Hustler," but it was "The Sting" and "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" that sealed the deal for me. A class act, but this was a respectful crush, as I knew his heart belonged to Joanne Woodward.

Laurence Olivier
A major crush - a real love affair. In "Wuthering Heights" he literally stole my heart, and I followed slavishly thereafter all things Larry -  so much so that I started reading Shakespeare! My love for him was positively poetic and his Maxim De Winter was only second by a nose to Heathcliff, that mope of the Moors. I found him dreamy in everything, even when he was not trying to be. He and Viv - what a pair. Why can't life cooperate with dreams?

Peter O'Toole
Another massive crush. Come one now - he was just beautiful in his youth. True, he grew a little ragged and rough around the edges, but that vibrant spirit still shines through. I'd follow him through the sands of the desert as "Lawrence of Arabia," but would prefer to be trapped in a Parisian museum closet with him in "How to Steal a Million." I love him still and admire him extravagantly!

Gregory Peck
Finally - a crush that I could share with the rest of the world. Everyone was mad for Gregory Peck! Drop dead handsome and just quirky and charming enough to be more intriguing than the run of the mill handsome leading man piece of furniture. He had me "Spellbound" and was just so damn wonderful in "To Kill a Mockingbird," but it was "Roman Holiday" that sent me swooning. Hey - notice how Audrey Hepburn got all the good ones?

Robert Preston
I don't know....maybe it was that fine head of hair, but I was always a sucker for boatloads of charisma, and this guy had plenty to spare. I would never have kept him waiting at the footbridge, that's for sure! He was a true manly man, virile to the max  (and that little sparkle in his eye didn't hurt, either). A minor crush, but one I throughly enjoyed while it lasted.

R S T - Alphabetically Speaking, You're Okay

Gilbert Roland
No matter what, no matter how many crushes come and go, I still think Gilbert Roland was one of the handsomest and sexiest men in film. Maybe not the greatest actor or the biggest star, but ay caramba, what a hot Latin lover! From silents with Clara Bow all the way to Gaucho in "The Bad and the Beautiful," Amigo never disappoints me. Grade "A" swoon-worthy forever and always!

James Stewart
Aw shucks, Jimmy is actually pretty sexy, isn't he? From "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," to "The Philadelphia Story," and the wonderful Hitchcock collaborations, he was the perfect uncomplicated American man who just happened to have more of a way with the ladies than you'd think. And he looked like he was a good kisser, too.

Kevin Spacey
A fairly recent crush(can you believe it?). I know what they say, but Kevin does it for me! He was quite sexy in "L.A. Confidential" and "Midnight in the Garden on Good and Evil," but the real kicker was a current crush playing another crush (Bobby Darin in "Beyond the Sea."). His choice of roles don't usually accentuate the sexiness, but that makes me like him even better. What can I say?

Spencer Tracy

A very short-lived crush, as I found him to be a bit cruel (I don't really know why). But he was just a too cute with Katharine Hepburn and I think the obvious love and admiration for her just warmed my heart. Okay, Spence, you still get a thumbs up from me.

V - Means You're Very Sweet

Rudolph Valentino
Rudy, it took me a while to appreciate your charms, but I guess that's because I had to go from girl to woman to fully appreciate you. So smoldering, so smoking,  so hot and steamy; I need one of those paper fans to cool my rising temperature! Could he act? Who cares. He was a god of the silent screen and I bow to him. Long live Valentino!

W (and XYZ)

John Wayne
Didn't expect to see him here, did you? Me either! But, count me among those who have fallen under the spell of the Duke. He sure was a handsome monument, wasn't he? Star power, ruggedly handsome and a real icon - who could say no? Not a deep love, but he always made me weak in the knees (and I miss him so much). The world seems a little poorer without him.

It's Fun to Wander Through The Alphabet With You and Tell You What You Mean to Me!

Whew! I must rest now. All of this romance has given me the vapors!
Excuse me while I slip into something more comfortable

Well, those are my crushes. Did I miss any of your favorites, ladies?


csebrell said...

Yes, yes, yes to Joel McCrea! As you say, a "modest guy" so not as obvious as Cary Grant or Gene Kelly, but still, totally swoon-worthy. To my list, I would have to add another modest guy - Gary Cooper. He makes me pixillated.

FlickChick said...

I am just learning to swoon over Gary (who is a bit like Joel) - he will be on the updated list!

marynarkiewicz said...

Your list makes me want to list all my movie crushes. It's good to get an overview.
I have a recent crush on Adolphe Menjou- It started when I saw "Woman of Paris"..and now every time I see him, my crush gets a little deeper. I wonder why I never noticed him before?

I also have a soft spot in my heart for John Wayne. There's something so craggy and basic about him. He's so good in "The Shootist" and many other films..

Renée Hirshfield said...

I'm so pleased to see Gilbert Roland on your list. If I could rewrite "The Furies," one of my favorite Anthony Mann films, Barbara Stanwyck would end up with Gilbert Roland rather than Wendell Corey!

FlickChick said...

@ Mary - hmmmm - Menjou was certainly continental in "Woman of Paris" - but I cam't help seeing him as the (faux) mean neighbor in "Pollyanna" (with the prisms!)

@ Renee - Agreed - Ewwwwwwwwww - Barbara SHOULD have ended up with Gil. Wendell Corey? No way!

Diane said...

Ah yes, the love all these wonderful men on your list of swooning. I loved Jimmy Steward and John Wayne. Thanks for all the wonderful A-W.'s. Great memories of wonderful men in wonderful movies.

FlickChick said...

Thanks, my dear, though I know these are not your chart-toppers!

ClassicBecky said...

I'm afraid I'm still swooning after reading this, and I can't think clearly. If there is somebody you missed, my brain isn't telling me who. Peter O'Toole -- Lawrence of Arabia. Noel Coward said when the movie was released "If he was any prettier, they would have to call it Florence of Arabia." Don't you love it?

Valentino, incredibe. Robert Preston, what a man. Gregory Peck, wanted him for a husband. Oh man, they're all great. Love these posts, FlickChick!

FlickChick said...

Becky - I think you have EXCELLENT taste!

FionaAlanna said...

I love most everyone on these lists! I think I've always had a crush on John Wayne, but I didn't really notice until I watched The Quiet Man the other day. He's got a bit of that all-American look, I think.

FlickChick said...

It's true about John Wayne - he kind of sneaks up on you!