Saturday, December 6, 2014


I am not a fan of using animals as accessories, but there is no denying that a beautiful beast can class up a joint. lately, all of the "it" people like to have a mini  pooch stuffed in a carry-all, but back in the day, nothing said elegance like the sleek Borzoi (also know as the Russian Wolfhound). They were the dogs of royalty, fashion, and of course, movie stars.

1923: A Chic Parisian Needs 2 Borzois For the Ultimate Style Statement
Borzois of the Stars

Theda and her Borzoi

Olivia de Havilland and her elegant Borzoi

Mary Pickford has 2 Borzois! One for hubby Doug, perhaps?

Harlow and Borzoi: which is more glamorous?

Mae West and her Borzois. I'll bet they are a male and female

Lovely Olive Thomas and her Borzoi

Pola Negri and Borzoi, a dog fit for a diva
Garbo snuggles with a Borzoi
Ethel Barrymore likes the dramatic appearance of the Borzois

Kim Novak vamps it up with a couple of Borzois

A poetic portrait of Leila Hyams and her Borzoi

Marilyn's Borzoi looks a bit apprehensive
Author Anita Loos knows what adds elegance to a portrait
Carroll Baker as Harlow: Borzois add a touch of '30s elegance

Carol Kane on the set of "Valentino" -
again the Borzoi suggests elegance of an earlier time

Diana Rigg updates the elegance of the Borzoi
Hopefully, all dogs in the photos were loved and cared for. Being a sex symbol is no fun when there are no treats and belly rubs at the end of the day.


Silver Screenings said...

I had no idea this breed was so popular in early Hollywood.

I had to laugh at the photo of Mary Pickford and her two borzois... They're almost as tall as she is!

The Lady Eve said...

What was it about prancing about with not one but TWO Borzois?!? Such beautiful dogs, no doubt about it...

I remember that a neighbor of close relatives of mine owned a Borzoi (possibly two, the memory plays tricks) and I was quite entranced by that. Even little me (about 8) knew somehow that the breed implied prestige.

ClassicBecky said...

Chick, I don't think there is any doubt that these dogs probably ate better and bathed more often than most people. They are elegant looking, but too big for me. I would love to have gotten a look at the Chinese sleeve dogs that the Empresses had -- I'm actually a cat person, but I could handle a dog that could slip into my sleeve! Fun article!

FlickChick said...

Hi Ruth - you're right about Mary. At first I thought she was standing in a hole!

FlickChick said...

Thanks for stopping by, Patty. I was doing some research for the "Stars and Their Pets" calendar and I could not believe how many times this breed was used back in the 20s and 30s. Plus - there is an amazing amount of art work that features the Borzoi.

FlickChick said...

Becky, I'm a cat person, too - but these pups sure screamed elegance.