Sunday, December 28, 2014

Mirror Mirror on the Wall......

Can you pass a mirror without a primp or a frown?  Are you the type that is satisfied at the image that stares back at you or would you prefer to cover all mirrors in the vicinity with back cloth? Do you think the way you see yourself is the way others see you?

Mirrors have always been a provocative movie star accessory. Whether it be a reflection of the soul, a hidden desire or just a beautiful face, the image in the mirror sometimes tells us more than flesh and blood.

"The mirror is my best friend because when I cry it never laughs."
                                                            Charles Chaplin

For Chaplin, the mirror was a reflection of his soul and psyche. 

Chaplin hides in a house of mirrors in "The Circus"

Chaplin hides behind the makeup in "Limelight"

Photographer George Hurrell frequently used mirror images when capturing his subjects

The glamour of Carole Lombard x 4
A mirror shows Lombard's profile to a gorgeous advantage

A mirror amps up the elegance for Betty Grable

Susan Hayward gets the Hurrell mirror treatment

Kay Francis's troubled image betrays her
seeming nonchalance in "Mandalay"

A mirror only serves to emphasize
Norma Shearer's beautiful profile

Hurrel gives Norma his mirrored table treatment

Rosemary Lane's beauty is evident in her reflection

The Great Stone face reveals nothing and
everything in this stunning portrait
Some non-Hurrel portraits of some beautiful reflections

When you look like Cary Grant there can never be too many mirrors

Deanna Durbin's image lets us know what is
really going on behind that innocent face

Tallulah Bankhead practices her sexy smoking
pose before her mirror
Ty Power wonders if it is him or Dorian Gray

Madcap Mabel Normand shows her sweet
and feminine side in her reflection 
Super chorus girl Toby Wing with her weapons of choice

Both sides of the beauty of Judy 

Lillian Gish's reflection is serious business

Janet Gaynor likes what she sees

Katharine Hepburn channels her inner thespian

Elizabeth Taylor takes a moment from being fabulous

Joan Blondell's image challenges her to up the perkiness

Cagney's reflection is as charming as the real thing

Vilma Banky practically plotzes over a double image

The mirror is a key tool in the transformation
from Norma Jean to Marilyn

And sometimes it talks back.....

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Gifts for My Favorite Movie Characters

Here is my wish list for a few of my needy favorites:

Vivian Revere ("Three on a Match")

I wish Vivian a trip to rehab before her son was kidnapped and she took that final swan dive out the window. It might have helped.

Lina Lamont ("Singin' in the Rain")

I wish Lina a seat on the board at Monumental Pictures. After all the money she made that studio, she needs a nice cushy job. I guess I should wish Kathy Selden a job at MGM, as I'm sure Lina would not hire her.

Max Von Mayerling ("Sunset Boulevard")

I wish Max one more chance behind a real camera. I also hope he has Norma's power of attorney, so that he can pay her legal fees and maybe move the chimp to a pet cemetery.

Rocky Sullivan ("Angels with Dirty Faces")

For the boy who could not run as fast as his pal, Father Jerry, a brand new pair of sneakers. Maybe these would have helped him avoid a life of crime.

Mr. Bernstein ("Citizen Kane")

I wish Mr. Bernstein a visit from the girl in the white dress with the white parasol. She will tell him all about her life and confess that not a month has gone by since she saw him over 20 years ago that he has not crossed her mind.

Wishing you and yours a lovely holiday and a very happy new year. See you in 2015!

Saturday, December 6, 2014


I am not a fan of using animals as accessories, but there is no denying that a beautiful beast can class up a joint. lately, all of the "it" people like to have a mini  pooch stuffed in a carry-all, but back in the day, nothing said elegance like the sleek Borzoi (also know as the Russian Wolfhound). They were the dogs of royalty, fashion, and of course, movie stars.

1923: A Chic Parisian Needs 2 Borzois For the Ultimate Style Statement
Borzois of the Stars

Theda and her Borzoi

Olivia de Havilland and her elegant Borzoi

Mary Pickford has 2 Borzois! One for hubby Doug, perhaps?

Harlow and Borzoi: which is more glamorous?

Mae West and her Borzois. I'll bet they are a male and female

Lovely Olive Thomas and her Borzoi

Pola Negri and Borzoi, a dog fit for a diva
Garbo snuggles with a Borzoi
Ethel Barrymore likes the dramatic appearance of the Borzois

Kim Novak vamps it up with a couple of Borzois

A poetic portrait of Leila Hyams and her Borzoi

Marilyn's Borzoi looks a bit apprehensive
Author Anita Loos knows what adds elegance to a portrait
Carroll Baker as Harlow: Borzois add a touch of '30s elegance

Carol Kane on the set of "Valentino" -
again the Borzoi suggests elegance of an earlier time

Diana Rigg updates the elegance of the Borzoi
Hopefully, all dogs in the photos were loved and cared for. Being a sex symbol is no fun when there are no treats and belly rubs at the end of the day.