Friday, May 6, 2011

Massive Movie Crushes From A-Z: Swooning Through The Alphabet - Part 2

So many crushes, so little time. A while ago I revealed my heart's desires A-F. Most sparks were lit in front of a television, watching a black and white (sometimes color) movie and then dreaming about how it would feel to be Mrs A-Z.  Since space and my attention span is limited, I will attempt to conjure up more of my massive movie crushes - G-M today. Swooners, start your engines, please!

(you look good to me)

Cary Grant
The Blue Ribbon Winner, my Number 1 Crush of all time. For me, he is the perfect man. It started in a movie theater, not on TV. The film was "Charade." And while I was equally bewitched by Audrey Hepburn, I fell there and forever under the magic spell of Cary Grant. It was a short hop to "The Philadelphia Story," "Bringing up Baby," "The Awful Truth," "North By Northwest," "Notorious," and on and on and on. I may have strayed from time to time (see below), but I always came home in the end to Cary. As the song says, "What's the use of trying not to fall? I have no will. You made your kill, 'cause you took advantage of me." And how!

John Garfield
This was one sexy man. The misunderstood bad boy of "The Postman always Rings Twice" and "They Made Me a Criminal," admittedly stirred some baser emotions. He made pretty good love to Joan Crawford in "Humoresque," too. Garfield was tough, but tender. He just needed an understanding woman. Not a big affair, but a very torrid one.

James Garner
A movie crush that morphed into a TV crush. I fervently admired Jimbo in his 2 Doris Day movies, "The Thrill of it All" and "Move Over, Darling," all the while day-dream-dallying with him over such trifles as "The Wheeler Dealers," "The Americanization of Emily," and "The Art of Love." He sort of disappeared for a while from my heart, but a little show called "The Rockford Files" hit the small screen and we picked up where we left off. A real friend with benefits. So much so that many years later my heart still skipped at beat watching him in "Murphy's Romance." I may have invited him over for the night.

Clark Gable
I had to jump on this bandwagon, didn't I? I mean, after all, he was "The King," long before Elvis. And what red-blooded woman could resist that charm, those dimples, that smile? I liked him best pre-and in "Gone With the Wind." I lost a little longing as he aged, but confess that he melted and then broke my heart in "The Misfits." So much had changed in the world from Harlow to Monroe, but The King still had it what it takes and then showed them all how it is done.

(you're so heavenly)

William Holden
Sigh. What is not to love about Bill Holden (we're close, so I can call him Bill)? Such a great actor ("Sunset Boulevard," "Stalag 17,"), but his wit, charisma and downright sexiness in "Sabrina," "Born Yesterday," and "Picnic" really sealed the deal. Since he was a bit of a charmer and since I am fairly fickle, we eventually moved on, but I always retained deep affection and respect for this particular dreamboat. He is just such a decent guy! And look at that smile.

(we're like Jack and Jill)

Louis Jourdan
Oh, Gaston! "Gigi" made me swoon, and the adoration continued through "Letter From an Unknown Woman" and "Madame Bovary." Not as lighthearted as Chevalier, but much more handsome. A tasty French dish, but mainly a desert (an exquisite one, I might add).

(you're so kissable)

Buster Keaton
Buster was beautiful! Physically, he was extremely handsome in is youth. There was a soulfulness about him (as well as a pretty fine athletic form), that just captivated me. Of course, the genius factor is always an aphrodisiac, too! I loved Buster from day 1 (even in "Beach Blanket Bingo" and "How to Stuff a Wild Bikini"), continue to love him and always hook up every chance I get (but, please, don't tell Cary).

Gene Kelly
What can I say? I'm only human. Look at him! I admit this one is purely physical, but I ask you: is that wrong? "Singing in the Rain" - Genius! "An American in Paris" - more genius, but the one that really made me grab the smelling salts was "The Pirate." Gene Kelly was made for Technicolor (nice to have those kind of dreams in living color) and was just so all-man - how could I resist? I'm sure he barely remembers me, but I sure remember him!

( is the lovelight in you eyes)

John Lennon
Okay - a music star - but he was in "A Hard Day's Night," and "Help." Lots of those movie mag pictures of John taped to my wall. He was my Bad Boy Beatle crush and I adored him from beginning to a much to early end. Beatles forever!

( I could go on all day)

Robert Mitchum
Sexy, sexy, sexy. Not one to settle down with, but if I was in the mood for a boat ride up an exotic river or a little smoky after hours noir passion, this was my go-to guy. He kept making those westerns and war movies, so I had to step aside, but give me "Holiday Affair," or "His Kind of Woman, or, best of all, "Out of the Past," and I am ready, willing and available!

Joel McCrea
One thing I could never understand: why doesn't everyone have a crush on Joel McCrea? He was so handsome, so decent, so almost like the boy next door (but better). I admit he is a bit forgettable (probably because he was such a modest guy), but every time I see him I am reminded of my crush (which is kind of nice because it's like falling in love all over again).

Marcello Mastroianni
Ah, Marcello, my favorite Italian. Is it because you are so sexy, so handsome, so continental? Is it because nobody smokes a cigarette like you? Is it because you could charm the birds from the trees? Is it the accent? Is it the eyes? Is it all of the above? YES!

This has been quite draining. I must now take to my fainting couch and rest up a bit before I tackle crushes N-W.


Freder said...

This is hysterical!

For me, it was Leslie Caron (especially in LILI -- but my infatuation with her ended when I learned that she dallied with Warren Beatty. Sheesh! Isn't there ANY woman who can resist that two-bit Lothario?), Genvieve Bujold, and Hayley Mills -- TWICE! First when I was a little kid and then again when I'd grown up and saw how well SHE grew up!

FlickChick said...

Ha! Notice Warren is NOT on my list. I fear he'd barely have time for me! As for Hayley, she is twice-worthy, for sure!

MovieNut14 said...

Oh, William Holden. Why must you look fabulous without a shirt? Same to you, Mr. Mitchum.

FlickChick said...

Not fair that Bill and Bob should be so handsome! Well, we can dream, can't we?

Caftan Woman said...

Wait a minute. I thought everyone did have a crush on Joel McCrea. Am I on the right planet?

Randolph Scott has been my king of hearts since early girlhood. In fact, when I first realized I was falling for my future husband, the thought that raced through my mind was "he doesn't look anything like Randolph Scott!".

FlickChick said...

So many people are telling me that they, too, had a crush on Joel McCrea. I guess we swoon in silence! Isn't it funny how those crushes influence our tastes in real men?

Anonymous said...

Joel McCrea is totally crush worthy. Too bad he's old enough to be my grandpa.

FlickChick said...

As Norma Desmond said: "Stars are ageless." We can dream, and in our dreams they (and we) are young & beautiful (it's the rule!).

Diane said...

Oh yes, oh yes, oh heart is beating and remembering all the past loves and crushes.
Cary and Jim and John and well all that you mentioned.I just loved them all and your post brought them all back to life.
Thanks for the memories.
Great writing.

FlickChick said...

Thank you, my dear.

Classic Film and TV Cafe said...

That's quite a pic of Joel McCrea (looking almost Thor-like). What's it from?

FlickChick said...

I am pretty sure it is a Hurrell portrait, not from any particular film.

Jan Miner said...

Well, this was a fun read! And I love the magazine cover at the head of it all!

FlickChick said...

How could I not include Hayley? Notice she made a male reader's "crush worthy" list.

Anonymous said...

I just found this post...really enjoyed reading it :) Gene Kelly is my ultimate crush. Charismatic, talented, and oh-so-sexy. Gregory Peck was a total dish, as well.

Simply Singing said...

Gene Kelly in the Pirate was awesome especially in the last dance routine where he wore that Pirate costume. Made my heart melt...

Anonymous said...

Cary Grant, always and forever. I have no idea how many times I have watched the Kissing scens from Norious and envied Ingrid Bergman! The guy is gone for 25 years and still has this magnetic pull!