Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Massive Movie Crushes From A-Z: Swooning Through The Alphabet

Ever since I figured out that men were cuter than horses (though I admit I waiver back and forth on that one from time to time), I have lived through many massive crushes on movie stars. Once in a while a TV star would creep in, but he had to be movie-worthy in order to make the cut. I devoured the teen movie publications. Every week a new magazine! New stories and photos to pour over!

Being a classic film nut, many of my crushes came from watching a Saturday or Sunday afternoon movie and then racing to the library on Monday to find out as much as possible about my latest heart throb (Mom thought I was doing homework. Sorry, Mom).

Eventually, I had so many crushes that I started to keep them mentally filed in alphabetical order. And yes - I still get crushes.

I've been a fickle girl, so this is going to take a while. I will have to break this little love-fest into a few installments (with a few letters omitted - no E, I, Q,U,X, Y, Z - yet). Today's post will examine crushes A-F.

(You're Adorable)

Brian Aherne
A minor crush. First swoon occurred viewing him as the tragic Emperor Maximilian in "Juarez." Enjoyed him in a few others, but this was a very short-lived crush. After the first rush, the thrill was gone.
Dana Andrews
"Laura" was the first swoon, followed by "My Foolish Heart." Very handsome in a lock-jawed kind of way. A passing crush, but I always retained my affection for him. More like a friend with benefits.

(You're so beautiful)

John Barrymore
A fairly large crush. The flair, the dash, the profile! "Dinner at Eight" caused a stir in my heart, as did "Twentieth Century," but once I saw him in his youthful glory in such silents as "Don Juan" and "The Beloved Rogue," he earned a permanent place in my box of crushes.

Bill Bixby
Okay, I confess this was because of "My Favorite Martian," but he was in 2 Elvis films: "Clambake" and "Speedway." Another crush that was fleeting, but passionate nonetheless.

(You're a Cutie Full of Charm and a very busy letter)

James Cagney
A Mad Massive Crush of off-the-charts magnitude. It was Saturday, I was 14, I was alone and I watched "The Public Enemy." After that I watched "Angels With Dirty Faces." A poster in my room of Cagney as Rocky Sullivan and a shelf full of movie books quickly followed. I had moved from magazines and started hording my allowance for hard-cover books about classic Hollywood. True, deep, enduring love. Still.

Charlie Chaplin
If I had to rank them (in addition to alphabetizing them), Charlie would be #2. Starting with the Kevin Brownlow/David Gill documentary on PBS, Charlie was not only my gateway to his own wonderful films, but to silent films in general. I am eternally bewitched and ever so bothered.

Maurice Chevalier

So charming, so French, so oo-la-la. Maurice made me swoon in "Love Me Tonight," and remained my favorite Frenchman and older gentleman (ah, "Gigi"). Although the affair was brief, we always had Paris.

Bing Crosby
Yes, the voice helped, but it really was those eyes and his effortless demeanor. He was romantic and funny (especially with Bob Hope). Another fling, but the tune lingered.

Ronald Colman
Yet another brief affair who lured me with a voice, an accent and a mustache. It didn't last long, but he was a very classy crush.

Tony Curtis
A swift affair due to "The Great Race," but I always contend he was a grand fellow. In retrospect, I kind of wish this one had lasted a bit longer.

(You're delectable)
Bobby Darin
So cool, so swinging, so elegant, so charming, so cute, so married to Sandra Dee. A very mad crush whose embers have not cooled over the decades. Oh Bobby, I miss you like crazy!

Kirk Douglas
A mild crush - based largely on an overdose of "Spartacus." We still retain "friends" status and I am always happy to come across him at any time (especially in "Letter to Three Wives" and "The Bad and the Beautiful.")

Robert Downey, Jr.
A current crush, and is one of my 2 crushes who plays another of my crushes on film ("Chaplin"). I am so smitten! He is one of the few stars whose movies I will see just because he's in it.

(You're a feather in my arms)

Albert Finney
Another Brit who got under my skin. I first saw him in "Two For the Road," and that was it for me. What a doll (but I confess I was just too jealous of Audrey Hepburn - not only did she get a great wardrobe in that film, she got to have an off-screen affair with Albert Finney! The woman got everything!). A short-lived affair, but I am always happy to see Albie in anything, even now. I generally stay friends with all of my "affairs." ♥

Coming Next:  Movie Crushes G-M

Whoops! Get back in my subconscious!


MovieNut14 said...

Mmm, Mr. Curtis is on my list, though my appreciation for him has outlived yours. Mr. Douglas and Mr. Downey are also on that list.

FlickChick said...

I had to stop at "F" because you know that "G" just has to include Grant, Gable and a host of others. I think this is going to take 4 installments!

Jan Miner said...

Wow! There are a lot of guys in your stable! Can't wait to see who else is in there.

FlickChick said...

Secretariat kept wandering in, but I shooed him out - no room!

ClassicBecky said...

Ronald Colman! I never lost that crush! And Bobby Darin -- I listened to Mack the Knife until the record wore out! Actually, there isn't anybody on your list that I'd kick out of .... the house. LOL!

I'm looking forward to the rest of the alphabet!

FlickChick said...

I still have that crush on Bobby Darin (never got over the break-up with Sandra Dee!). Amazing how some things stay with you and others are fleeting.

FlickChick said...

having a problem with comments - just testing.

ClassicBecky said...

I hate to tell you this, FlickChick, but there are no problems with your comments -- it's just that nobody ever reads your stuff........

APRIL FOOL (Well, I know I'm late!)

FlickChick said...

Smell that smoke? That's Flickchick cooking up something for Classic Becky....

ClassicBecky said...

Pretty heavy smoke! And it smells funny -- like burning worms -- HEY, are you sending me a virus?!!

FlickChick said...

:) - you've been spending too much time with Rocky Sullivan and those Dead End Kids!

Lilyvt said...

Ya know, I've always loved Henry Daniell and he never gets any aknowledgement, he doesn't get the girl either. Poor Henry, but he ceretainly was busy!