Saturday, January 23, 2016


Words cannot express the love I have for Chaplin, and there are almost no words for the love I have for Keaton, closely followed by the great Harold Lloyd.  However, when it comes to finding 2 fellows to pal around with, nobody beats Stan and Ollie for me.

Why, you ask?

They laugh a lot. Laughter is good for the soul, the spirit , your health and the universe in general. So there.

They are enterprising in ingenious ways. I would love to hear all about the ways they have attempted to make a buck.

They don't hold back. Stan and Ollie are 100% in touch with their emotions.

And their inner child.

They appreciate a fine woman.

But are good husbands.

They love a good drink.

They know how to party.

They are pro-education.

But are not "know it alls."

They are "just like that" with the Toy Maker. Huzzah!!

They take care of one another when they are sick.

And, they were loyal friends to the end.

They were and are just the best!

Friday, January 8, 2016

The France on Film Blogathon: GIGI: You would think it would embarrass all the people here in Paris to be thinking every minute of love!

This is my entry in the France on Film Blogathon, hosted by Serendipitous Anachronisms. Click HERE for the full roster of all things oo la la

I write this entry with a special ache of the heart. Paris is the one destination that never disappointed me and more than lived up to my lofty imaginings. Prayers for the city of light and the city of dreams.No matter what, we'll always have Paris.

Gigi (1958)

Gigi is all about love, all kinds of love.
Love of Family

Madame Alvarez, what a woman. Her home reflects the warmth and comfiness of this wonderful lady. She is all about love. First, there is her love for her granddaughter, Gigi. She grooms Gigi for the family business, but wants a better life for her.  In the end, she defies her sister and breathes a sigh of relief at Gigi's fate.

Although a courtesan, she obviously felt great love for Honore.
And Madame loves her daughter (Honore’s daughter?), who was not raised in the family business, but follow her passion and slaves as a soprano at the Comédie-Française. Ah, the irony. It was a soprano that caused dear Honore to stray. She is my favorite character. 
Love as a business
This is personified by Gigi's Aunt Alicia She attempts to schooled the wayward Gigi in the fine art of gems and cigars as symbols of love. She is retired from the family trade, but seems happy in her reclusive life, surrounded by the proof of past loves. 
And who can ignore the avaricious Liane d'Exelmans? While Gaston is besotted for a time with the faithless wench, she eventually can't close the business deal with the romantic Gaston.
Love as a sport

 Honore Lachille  - with a twinkle in his eye, he is the pursuer, the hunter and women are his prey.He is the true athlete. He loves his sport, he keeps in shape and he brings joy to his audience. He may be a rogue, but who can resist a lovable one? Chevalier brings his vast legend to the role. Who can tell where one ends and one begins? He is the Parisian soul of Gigi
Love as loyalty to a beautiful memory

Madame Alvarez and Honore: wouldn't it be nice if they got back together? I know it's a long shot, but I am always rooting for them. They both have known love as a business and love as a sport, yet they hold on to a sentimental and youthful love. Sigh.....
Love as romance: Gig 

 The transformation from girl to woman while skipping mistress and going straight to wife is the fulfillment of her romantic dream. She holds on to her ideals and gets her prince charming.

Love as romance: Gaston

Poor Gaston! Like Gigi, his role in the game of love has been predetermined. While Gigi is the prize, he is the buyer.  And like Gigi he rejects the cynical view of love for romantic rose colored glasses. Louis Jourdan is almost too handsome to bear.

And then there is Paris, the city of light that can embrace love in all of its forms.

Gigi gives us the Paris of our dreams: opulent, elegant and romantic. It captures beautifully the romance of youth that never deserts even its oldest practitioners. The Paris of Gigi is the spring in the step of the enchanted, the skip of the heart beat of a new love.