Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Oscar Disappointments

I rarely back a winner. My candidates for public office often lose, any horse I pick stops to smell the roses, and I usually have my fingers crossed for a loser at the annual Academy Awards show. Most of the time I take the Oscar loss with good grace, but there are a few losers that get under my skin. I don't know why I get so emotional sometimes, but I do!

I was mad for "The Aviator" and was horribly disappointed when it lost in major categories. 
Although I admired "Million Dollar Baby," I really wanted "The Aviator" to win for Best Picture and Martin Scorsese to win for "Best Director." I was majorly disappointed when Jamie Foxx (for "Ray") beat Leonardo Di Caprio for "Best Actor." At least Cate Blanchett won for "Best Supporting Actress," but I was pretty bummed.

I was totally in love with "A Lion in Winter" (okay, the crush on Peter O'Toole might have had something t do with that), and enjoyed "Oliver!" but was crestfallen to have stayed up so later to be so disappointed.

"Chariots of Fire" over "Reds." I loved that movie to pieces and was quite sad that it lost "Best Picture."
This one really disappointed me. I'm pretty sure I turned off the TV when the winner was announced.

"The Silence of the Lambs" over "Bugsy."
Another snub for Warren when he was at the top of his game.

"Titanic" over anything. Sorry, but I really didn't like it. I recall being rather angry at the TV screen that night.

Peter O'Toole for losses for:
1962: Lawrence of Arabia
1964: Beckett
1968: The Lion in Winter
1969: Goodbye, Mr. Chips
1972: The Ruling Class (really, this was brilliant)
1980: The Stunt Man
1982: My Favorite Year
2006: Venus (furious over this one!)
Come on, the guy is beyond brilliant. The Honorary Oscar of 2003 just doesn't cut it. I fear Leonardo Di Caprio is developing into the next Peter O'Toole (snub-wise). I am praying that "The Great Gatsby" is a great hit and puts this to rest.

And my biggest disappointment for any category
Robert Preston's loss in 1982 for Best Supporting Actor in "Victor/Victoria"
This performance was brave, hysterical and just blew the others away (I thought). However, it was not to be and I was sad. 

Some Historical Boo-Boos That Bug Me (too late for these!)
"Going My Way" over "Double Indemnity." Sorry, Father O'Malley, I would have voted for sin.
Loretta Young in "The Farmer's Daughter" over Susan Hayward for "Smash Up" Susan is a power house, but she had to wait her turn.
Gloria Swanson in "Sunset Boulevard" and Bette Davis in "All About Eve" losing to Judy Holliday for "Born Yesterday." Aww, I love Judy in that role and she is a delight, but Norma Desmond and Margo Channing are on a totally different level.
"The Greatest Show on Earth" over "High Noon" and "The Quiet Man" and 2 other majorly great films left off  the list. Ugh. 
Gloria Grahame in "The Bad and the Beautiful" over Jean Hagen in "Singing in the Rain." Multiple pain here, since both films were NOT EVEN NOMINATED (see above: won by that circus flick). Both ladies are great in great films, but Jean Hagen as Lina Lamont is unforgettable.
and, my biggest peeve:
 No Oscar for Garbo!

Nominees I Have My Fingers Crossed For This Year
I haven't seen everything, so my picks are totally biased and could not be defended in a court of law or even on Judge Judy.

Best Picture
I am completely torn between "The Artist" and "Hugo." Either one would be okay by me.
Best Actor
I'm pulling for Jean Dujardin - the images of Fairbanks and Gilbert and even Gene Kelly that kept floating in the back of my brain while watching him makes it a very special performance for me.

Best Actress

Glenn Close was just amazing in "Albert Nobbs," so I am rooting for her. 

Best Screenplay

Here I am totally rooting for Woody Allen for "Midnight in Paris." The story was charming and original and the film was completely entertaining. Woody still has the right stuff and I'd love to see him honored (even though we know he won't be there).

Best Director

Rooting here for Martin Scorsese for "Hugo." The film is a beautiful achievement.

Well, I'll have my popcorn and will be prepared to stay up past midnight for the annual bash. I hope I'm not too disappointed this year!

Here are earlier reviews of some nominated films:
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KimWilson said...

These are the noms I've seen:

Actor: Pitt in Moneyball and Bichir in A Better Life. Winner: Pitt

Supporting Actor: JHill in Moneyball and Nolte in Warrior. Winner: Nolte

Actress: Davis in The Help and that's it. Winner: Davis, LOL!

Supporting Actress: Chastain and Spencer in The Help and McCarthy in Bridesmaids. Winner: Chastain

Best Picture: The Help, Midnight in Paris, Money, and The Tree of Life. Winner: The Help

That's five of the six categories I care about (best foreign film is the other, but I haven't seen any of the noms yet) and I can only give nods to those I've seen. Going to watch Beginners tonight, so maybe I can change my best supporting actor to Plummer later.

The Lady Eve said...

I think it was fairly ridiculous that Grace Kelly, admirable as she is/was, won a Best Actress Oscar for "The Country Girl" over Judy Garland in "A Star is Born" - or Dorothy Dandridge in "Carmen Jones" or Audrey Hepburn in "Sabrina." Of those nominated, in my mind at least, Kelly topped only Jane Wyman in "Magnificent Obsession"...just sayin'...

FlickChick said...

Hi Kim - it's been years and years since I managed to see all nominated films (and now it's 10, so it looks like that is never going to happen again!). Melissa McCarthy was so funny in Bridesmaids - I enjoyed her tremendously.

FlickChick said...

@ Lady Eve: yeah, that one always bothered me, too (and it apparently bothered Judy garland even more). Sometimes, you just can't figure these things out.

Page said...

Love that you went back to state your grievances over the years. Too funny.

I didn't like Avatar that much and although Titanic was ruined by the sappy love story everyone knew it would be a lock due to the amazing CGI.

I knew Garbo would make an appearance! Ha Ha

I've seen every film nominated this year so I like your predictions in every category. Hugo is such a beautiful film but this was a year of GREAT films and amazing performances. I do think Close should win over Streep but I'm a bit worried. I also feel Clooney will win over Jean which I'm not happy about. Heck, I thought Brad Pitt was better in Money Ball than Clooneys performance.

I really enjoyed your look back on the disappointment we all feel when our favorites don't get the Gold man.

Samantha said...

I agree with you on all of your picks. Especially Robert Preston from Victor/Victoria...I just loved him in that.
I guess we will see on Sunday who does what.

John Peurach said...

Thanks Ms. FlickChick for yet another totally fabulous entry in your award-winning blog-a-thon. Meanwhile, there's nothing like trying to sort things out and/or make whatever form of semi-worthwhile sense one can find, every time the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences comes around on the calender. Much like the IRS, but that's another story. Or, is it? Oh well. In any case, I certainly love the shout-outs you gave: Peter O'Toole (How unlucky can one guy get? Here's how. Get nominated the same year that Gregory Peck, Rex Harrison, John Wayne, Marlon Brando, and Robert De Niro all gave what were something of career defining performances. Meanwhile, how Cliff Robertson, Ben Kingsley, and Forest Whittaker slipped past him should be grounds alone to shut the place down. Or, at least until further notice.) As for Mr. Preston - You're so right on with that one, it's not funny. But, he sure as heck was. And, in "S.O.B.", too. Plus, there's not being nominated for both "The Music Man" and "Junior Bonner" to also consider. Even if the Academy never seemed to show any interest to do so themselves. Also, yes, yes, yes, and thousand times over for Susan Hayward (in multiple years), "Reds" and "Bugsy" - Both would seem to be the kind of films the Academy always loves. And, even gave a Best Director to at least one, while the other came fully stacked with Oscar-worthy credentials. Yeah, well, so the mystery continues. And, of course, further unwinds accordingly right where you took us so perfectly to: Jean Hagen in "Singin' In The Rain"; The Greatest Show on Somebody's Earth That Sure Wouldn't Appear To Be Ours - at least considering the competition there, and, even more importantly, not there; and, oh yeah, Garbo. In other words, only one will do, "Why?" Ah yes, maybe once the mystery of all human life on Earth is answered (with any luck in 35 words, or less), somebody will stay after school long enough to start unraveling this one. In still other words, thanks again for such an entertaining article that gets us all thinking big time, somewhere out there/in here, now and forever.

FlickChick said...

@ Page - i knew you'd appreciate the Garbo observation. I agree that this was a great year for films for adults - so many really good ones. I love my classics, but it's nice to see new quality films - gives one hope!

FlickChick said...

@ Sam - oh, I just love Robert Preston and I was crestfallen the night he was robbed.

FlickChick said...

@ John - oh gosh, you make me laugh! The Greatest Show on Nobody's Earth is so right! Thanks for such an uplifting comment - you're the best.

Christian Esquevin said...

Okay FlickChick, its better you avoid picking favorites - for their sake. Still, leaving aside some honoraries, Chaplin, Garbo, Cary Grant. Alfred Hitchcock, Montgomery Clift, Marlene Dietrich, Deborah Kerr, James Dean and Fred Astaire never won Oscars. Not bad company to be in.

FlickChick said...

@ Christian: How right you are! Isn't it criminal? But, what a club!

Classicfilmboy said...

Ah, the Oscars. Yes, my heart has been broken in the past too. I've got two more best picture nominees to watch and I will have seen all nine -- I have a streak going of having seen all Oscar-nominated best pictures before the ceremony since 1982! I've liked so many of the films this year, but I'm torn between Hugo, The Artist and The Descendants, with Midnight in Paris right behind them.

FlickChick said...

Good going, Classicfilmboy! I always say I'm going to do that and never get to see all. This has been a great year for movies, which is just so wonderful.

ClassicBecky said...

Fun post, FlickChick! I've surprised myself -- I haven't seen ANY of the nominated films. Not a good few months for movie-going...but I still love the Oscars and always prop my eyes open to see them to the very end. And WHERE did you get that wonderful picture of the Oscar statue? Fabulous!

FlickChick said...

Thanks so much, Becky! Well, I confess, I was just surfing around looking for an odd Oscar and I came across him, so I nabbed him! It's sometimes hard for me to get off of my duff and get to the movies, but there were so many good ones this year that I just knew I'd love that I made the extra effort!