Saturday, April 23, 2011

Max Makes His Move!

Chapter 4 of the Norma Desmond Chronicles.
Norma got off on a temporary insanity plea, did a short stint in a spa-like psych center and is now free in Hollywood. She's back and better than ever!

Max Von Myerling has loved Norma Desmond for as long as he can remember.
The Object of His Affection
As a young director from Vienna, he was quite a ladies man. One of the young Hollywood's directors who showed promise in the early days (along with D.W. Griffith and C.B. DeMille), Max had his pick of all of the Hollywood starlets and played the field with gusto. He had no intention of settling  down.
Max Before Norma: A Young Man Sows His Wild Oats
But once Norma Desmond walked onto his set, he was struck by cupid's arrow and became a man enslaved by love. From that moment on, his passion for that little 5 foot bundle of dynamite ruled his life.

Through a turbulant marriage, infidelities, divorce, Norma's 2 other husbands, career decline, depression, murder, dead monkeys and delusion, Max endured all of the humiliation heaped upon him just to be close to Norma. He knew that underneath the demanding diva his sweet Norma was still there, the Norma before she started believing Paramount's publicity.
"Max and Madame" - The Hit of the Fall Season!
Now that their little sitcom, "Max and Madame", was a hit, life seemed to be once again smiling on Norma and Max. Both he and Norma had finally been accepted back on the "A" list. Invitations to parties and premiers poured in. Best of all, Norma was happy.

To Max, she has never seemed more beautiful and he knew that if ever he was going to make his move to get back into the "Bedroom of the Husbands" and his proper place in Norma's heart, now was the time.
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind!
Max had it all planned and was sure he could execute his plan flawlessly.

Step 1: Tell Norma how beautiful she looked (and she did). His heart skipped a beat whenever he saw her.
Flattery Always Softened Her Up!
Step 2: A dinner for 2 at the Brown Derby, Norma's favorite place to dine.
Where the Famous Go to Dine and to be Seen!
Step 3: Pull up in the Isotta-Fraschini. Real people asking Norma for autograph were  sure to be outside (Max is so glad he no longer has to write those letters).
Norma Still Rides in the Back Seat
Step 4: An impromptu visit by friends Tallulah Bankhead and Carol Channing brightened the evening and the champagne and martinis flowed.
Norma Had Such a Good Time She Wore the Center Piece in Her Hair!
After a few glasses of the bubbly, the old Norma reappeared. Max knew the moment had come - that it was now or never!

He shooed the friends away and they were alone at last. His heart was pounding! But, just as Max leaned over the shrimp cocktail to whisper sweet words of love in Norma's little ear, the waiter brought a telephone over to the table.

Before Norma picked up the receiver, she felt a chill run down her spine. It was as if someone was watching her, someone from beyond...
Ghosts at the Brown Derby?
Norma had received an urgent call from her psychic astrologer. It seems that Dead Joe Gillis had been talking and spreading lies! He'd been telling his story from the grave and appearing at seances all over Hollywood and telling anyone who will listen that he was seduced by Norma and made a gigolo by her and that she is mad and dangerous!
Dead Men Do Tell Tales!
Norma put the receiver back in place very slowly. "Max. Take me home. Now."

Max heaved a heavy sigh and pulled on his white gloves. He knew the moment had passed. All of the Hollywood "A" listers payed attention to the messages received at seances. His toothbrush would not be placed in the "Bedroom of the Husbands" tonight.

To be Continued...


Anonymous said...

Oh Poor Max! I really thought that he was finally going to make his dream come true. Maybe next time?

FlickChick said...

I'm waiting to hear what Joe has to say.

ClassicBecky said...

Poor Max...poor Joe! If I thought I could really talk to William Holden in a seance, I'd get my ouija board out right away!

FlickChick said...

And how! But poor Joe - still not getting paid for his stories!

Dawn said...

Hang in there Max.

FlickChick said...

He has waited so long. I think he can wait a little longer.