Saturday, January 1, 2011

Keaton White House Update: Buster Struggles; The First Lady as Fashionista: #6 in a Series of 7

"This job has really aged me."
While poor President Buster continued to be hounded from the left, right, center and rear, First Lady Brown eyes captured the imagination of the American and worldwide fashion scene.

Buster "bet the ranch" and his political future on three new projects to revitalize the American economy.

First: The Betamax
This proved a little too complicated
Next, Buster demonstrated the "new Coke" to a group of college students

But, that didn't work out too well, either.

Buster's last hope was pinned on a new "green" car by Ford. Everything was riding on it!

Things just weren't looking up for Buster. He decided to confer with his Cabinet.

Meanwhile, following in the footsteps of other First Ladies, Brown Eyes became a fashion trend setter. American women looked to her for the latest in fashion inspiration.

Like many gals, brown eyes changed her hair color. While once a brownette, good friend (and Secretary of State) Mary Pickford had  long talks and took many long walks with Brown Eyes, strategizing about her appearance.

It was Mary who convinced Brown Eyes to develop a more sophisticated look and decided that a change in hair color would make all the difference!

She became a multi-toned black and white. Women were inspired to copy her new look:

Not only did women copy her hair color, they also emulated other aspects of her appearance:
Boots with a western theme
An udderly adorable knit cap
Baby bottle
Another cow-cap

Unmentionables (The President did not approve!)

Baby's ensemble
School children show their support
Not only was poor Buster hounded by the press, the Congress and the people, Brown Eyes was too busy basking in the spotlight to provide any comfort to her husband (and she seemed to be spending a lot of time with Elmer the Bull).

Buster was feeling about as low as can be, but he figured things just couldn't get worse, could they? Now, what was his Cabinet up to?

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Jan Miner said...

Hilarious! Love Brown Eyes' new look and all the inspired copy-cats, er copy-cows! Poor Buster... he bit off more than he could chew.

Edna's Place said...

Those hoof shoes are just too much! :-D

FlickChick said...

I want those boots!