Saturday, December 25, 2010

Norma Desmond's News Year's Eve Celebration: Chapter 1 in "The Norma Desmond Chronicles"

Norma has been sprung from the "place" where she had to go for a little meds-adjustment just in time for New Year's Eve! No Joe Gillis rejections this year - just Norma, Max and her true friends. Look how Hollywood has rallied around her!

This is a big night for Norma. She has waxed the tile floor (the on one which Valentino tangoed), has made sure there is plenty of liquor, and left the rest of the details to Max.

First, a silent screen queen must make a regal entrance to greet her guests:

Norma was overcome with emotion!

Max was smiling*!
* but threw out the guns and razor blades just to be on the safe side.

 So many stars came to celebrate her "return" and toast her to a happy new year!

First, her beloved CB DeMille made a speech to welcome her home.
After which, all of Hollywood drank a toast or two in her honor.
Louise happily played bartender
Lifting a glass or five to Norma were:
Stan, Ollie & Charley

Merle Oberon
Bette & Miriam
Gable & Lombard
Bing, Grace & Frank


Cary & Ingrid
Joan (Norma's new BFF)

The "other" Norma & Conrad
Designated Drivers Charlie & Edna
Hedda took notes and reported that a wonderful time was had by all
It was a triumphant evening for Norma. All agreed that she "seemed fine" and that she was a brilliant hostess.

She was back and the new year beckoned with the promise of all good things for Norma Desmond. With that pesky "incident" behind her, the sky was the limit!


To be continued.......

The Norma Desmond Chronicles will continue periodically in 2011. Check back often to see how Norma is adjusting to her new life. One thing about Norma... she is never boring!


Will said...

I am so excited for Norma’s “comeback “ oops , I mean return. I sure hope Rod LaRoque and Vilma come by. Please don’t ever desert us again and must you chew gum?

Freder said...

William Faulkner slummed in Hollywood for a while. I'm surprised with her predilection for writers and his for drinking that he wasn't there! :-)

FlickChick said...

I am pretty sure that Norma was not a book reader - only potential scripts!

Edna's Place said...

All the best into 2011! :-)

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Very creative post. I love Sunset Blvd. Love the post and looking forward to more adventures with Norma!

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