Monday, January 31, 2011

I Know It's Wrong (But It Looks So Right): Women Who Shoot, Men Who Smoke

I admit I am a victim of Old Hollywood's sales pitch for evil. I fall for sin every time. I hate guns in real life and I hate cigarettes in real life, but in Reel Life, man - do they look sexy!

Girls With Guns
Joan looks very comfortable with these
Seems like overkill, but Louise handles them well
I'll bet Barbara could really shoot!
Ann only shoots for food (in her skivvies)

Bette looks mighty natural with a pistol

Carole obviously takes pleasure in firing off a round or two
As does Doris (though I suspect she will only shoot humans, not animals)
Kate: a straight shooter if there ever was one
Probably a Givenchy water pistol
Men Who Smoke
Cary: Smooth and Satisfying
Rudy: Smoldering Italian (Part 1)
Marcello: Smoldering Italian (Part 2)

Bob: Authentic American Blend (with a hint of wacky tabacky)

Charles: Unfiltered French
Errol: Bold western brand by way of Australia and Tasmania
I'd walk a mile for Bill...
Steve: Come all the way up to Cool
It's wrong! It's wrong! It's wrong! Thank goodness we know better and we are healthier. Forgive me, but, damn they look so sexy.
Cigar smokers can be sexy,too


MovieNut14 said...

Ooh, Marcello. Mamma mia.

Rick29 said...

Great pics, as always! Barbara looks pretty serious with that rifle. I also like Peggy Cummins with a pistol in GUN CRAZY.

Amanda said...

There's got to be a smokin' pic out there (pun completely intended) with Marlene Dietrich both packin' some heat AND destroying her lungs. . .

Love me some Errol Flynn, even in the westerns whereby he was miscast.

ClassicBecky said...

You are right, it's absolutely wrong, but I grew up in the 50's and 60's, and I still smoke! All of my role models, in movie and in life, included smoking in their gesturing, mystiqu -- all of that. Now society is different, but my brain's addiction center refuses to cooperate. Love your pictures -- made for a really fun post!

FlickChick said...

Thank you for understanding. Alas, Hollywood has ruined me!

Jan Miner said...

Love the photo of Kate. I see your point although I never thought of either as "sexy." On another note, my little brother would LOVE these photos. Good thing he can't comprehend a computer. LOL.

Edna's Place said...

We have pictures of Edna doing some shooting and hunting. (She use to go on hunting trips with friends.) Just the norm back in Nevada.