Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Kiss Under the Mistletoe

A Holiday Kiss Under the Mistletoe 
From Some of our Favorites!
Rudy & Vilma
Cary & Ingrid

Clark & Viv
Bogey & Bacall
Garbo & Lew
Charlie & The Kid
Fay & Gary
Rita & Gene
Audrey & Greg
Lana & John
Natalie & James
Marilyn & Joe D
Jimmy & Donna
Norma & Chet
Ann & Jimmy
Errol & Olivia
Burt and an acrobatic Ava
Doris & Rock
Lucy & Desi
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and hoping your nose gets mushed under the mistletoe!


Anonymous said...

Very Romantic!

Keen on Keane said...

Love it!!!! Such clever posts.

FlickChick said...

You're sweet to say so!

Edna's Place said...

I remember that scene in The Kid, was powerful, even without seeing the whole film. (Nice Job! :-)

FlickChick said...

I think that was the sweetest kiss by far!

Ernestine said...

Love it! Thank you for that post.

Ernestine said...

Love it! Thank you for posting these great movie moments!