Friday, December 10, 2010

FlickChick's Holiday Party

'Twas 2 weeks before Christmas in the Land of La La;
When FlickChick decided to host a Holiday gala.
The guests were chosen with the greatest of care;
From Paramount, Warners, Metro Goldwyn & Mayer 

FlickChick's parties were renowned in the town;
Not one shining star would dare turn her down.
The gala theme was "decorate my home and my tree."
Hey, FlickChick was not above getting good things for free!

And so they came, ready to work and to play
And hoping that tons of publicity would come their way!

First, Mary Pickford helped with the outdoor decor;

Next, Bob Mitchum and Bette bought out the store!

Joan Crawford's gift was meant in good will;

She did not realize that smoking can kill!

The tree trimmers came in a furious chorus;
Hayley and Barbara and Ginger and Boris

Marion, Carole and Jane put on quite a show;
But all eyes were glued to Miss Marilyn Monroe!
The 'Toons played with Shirley and little Natalie Wood;

'Till Ms. Crawford, in her Christmas clothes,
 scared them into being good.

Musical fun was added by Elvis, Doris and Bing;

Until the chimes of midnight finally did ring.

FlickChick, though sleepy, surveyed her home with delight;

Then promptly asked them to leave and wished them all a Good Night!

Happy & Healthy Holiday Season to all you wonderful people out there in the dark!
Give generously to those in need.


Jan Miner said...

Well, you are quite the poet! Love the Hayley picture. xo

Kathy Farler said...

That was a lovely Christmas poem. You rule!! I love visiting with you on my FB page and joining in on the chats..

Edna's Place said...

In seeing old newspaper and magazine ads, I would read how smoking was made into a 'healthy' thing to do. 'Reduce your stress' on and on.

Of course, it is NOT, and no one should ever take up the habit. (Never touched the stuff.)

(But still surprises me though, how many old people I saw when I was a kid, still rolling cigarettes into their 90s, and not thinking a think about it. But, thinking about it, they weren't stressed out people, neither.)

FlickChick said...

Smoking would be fun, if it wasn't so deadly!

John Boles Gal #1 said...

Wow! That was great. Especially love the MM photo. As a long time MM fan I've never seen that one so it was a great treat for me. Keep up the fab work and happy holidays to my fave blogger and grand gal!