Friday, November 5, 2010

Star Transformations: This Does not JUST Happen!

Sometimes - a lot of times - most times - okay, all the time - when I look in the mirror I get very downhearted. It seems as though it takes a lot of product and effort to get me together to face the world and the results are not very encouraging. No matter how hard I try, I never look like a star. But then I remember that a star did not always look like a star. I'd like to think that, with a team of industrial strength beauticians giving me the Star Treatment, the same results could be achieved for me and I could be transformed from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Here are a few that needed just a little assistance to achieve that "extra" something:

Greta Garbo:
Before the Star Treatment
No so impressive, is she?
After the Star Treatment:

Much better, no?
Marlene Dietrich:
Before the Star Treatment
Umm...not quite.....
After the Star Treatment
There she is!
The Star Treatment is not just reserved for foreign actresses who might not have the advantages of American Glamor. Here are a few American gals who needed the Treatment:

Joan Crawford:
Before the Star Treatment:
Not her best look
After the Star Treatment
Glamor Puss
Lana Turner:
Before the Star Treatment
(Yes - she needed a little assistance)
to go from this.....
to this!
Rita Hayworth
Even a goddess needs a hand. Before the Star Treatment:
 a pretty enough girl
After the Star Treatment
They did a good job with this one!

The guys are not immune to a make-over, either. A good haircut (both head and facial) as well eye makeup and lighting can do wonders.

John Gilbert
Before the Star Treatment
an ordinary fellow
After the Star Treatment
Clark Gable:
Before the Star Treatment
Not bad, but not quite  royalty
After the Star Treatment
His Majesty, The King
James Cagney
Before The Star Treatment
Not so tough...

After the Star treatment. As Lady Gaga can tell you, a little eye makeup can make you look fierce...
You've got my attention!
Even Lassie needed some help!
Before the Star Treatment:
No one is immune to a bad hair day
After the groomer works his magic
Ready for my close-up!

So, I face each day looking like a "before" picture, but I just know that if MGM would send those beauticians to my house and follow me all day with the proper lighting, I, too, could look like a star!


Jan Miner said...

If MGM sends the team, please be sure you call me to come over. I could use some help too.

FlickChick said...

When the hair & make-up team gets here, I'll let you know. Hopefully, wardrobe will come, too (and not empty-handed!).

Josephine said...

Thank you for your blog-it's a fun read! Love the pics and the pep.

Anonymous said...

Your 'BEFORE AND AFTER" the star treatment is priceless. I look forward to your future features.