Friday, November 26, 2010

Buster and Brown Eyes Move into the White House

The big day has arrived! President Buster and his blushing bride, Brown Eyes, finally take occupancy of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (check older posts to see how this happened!).

As you can imagine, both were extremely excited, proud and honored to be the latest residents of the White House. Here's an intimate peek at their new life inside the nation's first home.

Both Buster and the new First Lady wanted to look their very best on moving day.

It was a bit intimidating from the outside, but once inside, Buster quickly made himself comfortable.
Being President has its perks!
Brown Eyes has some "special needs" and is having the Queen's Room done over to her specifications.
She has even taken to designing her own furniture.

To accommodate their busy schedules, both Buster and Brown Eyes hired Social Secretaries. Brown Eyes has hired the highly qualified Elsie the Cow to assist her with her daily activities. Her "pet" project will be The Milk Fund.

Buster has hired a young lady by the name of Natalie Talmadge. Natalie comes highly recommended and Buster has a good feeling about her.
Now that they have settled in, Buster and Brown Eyes can't wait to start serving the American public!

**** EXTRA!!!****
Buster and Brown Eyes: 
A Love Story

Buster and Brown Eyes ("Bruster" or "B&B" as the press has dubbed them) wish to share a bit of their love story and honeymoon photos with America. "We are just your average in-love married couple," said Buster. Brown Eyes mooed in assent.

A brief history of the love story of Buster and Brown Eyes:

Buster discovers Brown Eyes pole dancing in a bar called Cow-a-Bunga.

Brown Eyes had her heart set on a Broadway career, but it was love at first sight! Both knew that they were an unconventional couple, yet love conquered all.

Soon after, B&B married and took a honeymoon out west.

After an idyllic honeymoon, they settled down in their little house in Hollywood and the rest, as they say, is history. Both have encountered their share of prejudice as result of their "mixed marriage," but Buster and Brown Eyes remain firm their devotion to one another. "Nothing will ever come between me and my Brown Eyes," sighed Buster.
More Buster coming soon. Follow his first 100 days:
* Buster meets the media (and it ain't pretty)
* The First Lady as a fashion icon
* Buster deals with Congress
* Buster puts America back to work
* And More!


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Jan Miner said...

Really, couldn't Buster come up with a better first lady?

FlickChick said...

Buster said his favorite leading lady was Brown Eyes from his film "Go West," so I'm just honoring his wishes!

John Boles Gal #1 said...

Are you sure you don't have brown-eyes and Natalie confused? LOL!