Friday, November 12, 2010

Team Ass-Backwards - Part II

As President-elect Buster prepares to take office, he is  pleased to announce the  rest of the members of his cabinet - Team Ass-Backwards!
(A brief recap for those who have been out of the country: Buster Keaton defeated Charlie Chaplin in a very close Presidential election. President-elect Keaton, believing we can solve the problems of the present by looking backwards, then revealed his 5-point plan to save America called "America's Simple Solutions - Backwards" or ASS-Backwards for short. All of this ground-breaking history is documented in earlier posts)

Buster's previously announced cabinet choices were:
* Vice President: Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle
* Secretary of State: Mary Pickford
* Secretary of the Treasury: Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.
* Secretary of Education: Laurel & Hardy
* Secretary of Transportation: Mabel Normand
* Secretary of Energy: Ben Turpin
* Secretary of Defense: Harry Houdini
* Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Theda Bara
* Special Post: Secretary of the Cinema: Charlie Chaplin

The following choices round out his circle of advisors. Although all will be his trusted associates and colleagues, Buster wants the American public to know that the buck always stops with him!

Secretary of Agriculture - Greta Garbo
Ms. G loves to grow things.
And she loves fruits and vegetables
Secretary of Commerce - Clara Bow
Clara knows what sells, is not afraid to take a chance and she can sure rake in the big bucks!
Secretary of Health and Human Services - Mary Miles Minter

Mary has experience playing a nurse and is a very compassionate person.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development - Harold Lloyd
Buster really snagged a big one here! Harold has his finger on the pulse of the city
Secretary of the Interior - Tom Mix
Tom has probed every inch of this nation's interior.

Secretary of Justice - Mack Sennett
Buster knows Mack and his Keystone Kops can mete out justice!

Buster has cautioned Mr. Sennett to leave the Bathing Beauties at the beach. No scandals before he takes office!

Secretary of Labor - Gloria Swanson
Gloria understands the daily plight of the working person.

Buster acknowledges that our country is experiencing some stormy weather at the moment
but is confident that, with the American public's help, he can steer the ship of state to a safe, ASS-Backwards harbor. GO TEAM ASS-BACKWARDS!

***** NEWS FLASH *****
Buster Keaton takes the Oath of Office. It's official! It's now President Buster!

More Buster coming soon. Follow his first 100 days:
* Buster meets the media (and it ain't pretty)
* Buster and Brown Eyes move into the White House
* The First Lady as a fashion icon
* Buster deals with Congress
* Buster puts America back to work
* And More!


Edna's Place said...

How fun! :-)

I think 'the secretary of the cinema' will have everyone watching just Charlie's films. ;-)
But maybe a post for Charlie could be 'Secretary of the Treasury' since Chaplin knew how to 'stretch a dollar'.

Harry sounds good for Defense.

And maybe Mary as vice president. (She would step in as president, with ease, I think, or maybe even Doug, for that matter.)
(But, Mary couldn't be President, and maybe not even vice president- right??, since she was Canadian.)
That old, born in America rule...

But, fun!

FlickChick said...

I fear Buster has made some errors in judgment here, but only time will tell...

Anonymous said...

I loved it. Good choices.

Anonymous said...

that was me.. Kathy Farler