Friday, December 30, 2011


The sixth and final chapter of the Norma Desmond Chronicles. Norma got off on a temporary insanity plea, did a short stint in a spa-like psych center and is now free in Hollywood. She's back and better than ever!

New Year's Eve was the start of a horrible mess;
A grave misunderstanding at Norma's Sunset address.
But time and therapy heals all psychosis;
And hypnosis cures all of those other diagnoses
Max and Norma were alone at last;
Finally, they could be together and forget the past.
Norma knew Hollywood could be a heartless old town;
And Max had stood by her through the up and the down.
No need now for monkeys or boys with big bills;
No need for sharp razors or too many pills.
The movies and cameras belonged to the past;
The future was Norma's and her fortune was vast.
Oil fields pumping and pumping, Norma was wealthy!
And dowtown real estate made that bank account healthy!
Max was her man now and on this New Year's Eve,
Maxie appeared to have something grand up his sleeve!
The orchestra played,the tiles were waxed;
No memory of Joe (that broken down hack)
Speaking of wax, the "works" weren't invited;
Max was too hopeful and much too excited.
A serenade for Madame and for her dainty hand;
A diamond that symbolized a passion so grand.
Max opened his heart and his love he disclosed
to Norma, his star, and again he proposed.
And Norma said "yes," she just couldn't believe
that her dreams could come true on this fine New Year's Eve.
Did they live happily ever after? Of course they did!

And, so ends the Norma Desmond chronicles.
Wishing you and Norma and Max, and hell, even the monkey, a very Happy New Year! I have a feeling 2012 is going to be great!

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Kimberly J.M. Wilson said...

Cute. Your rhyme dies a tad at the end, but still funny.

FlickChick said...

Whoops - oh well, poets have nothing to fear from me!

Valarie Joyce said...

Absolutely LOVED it! I think this will soon become a very popular tradition where all the good little classic movie lovers will gather around to hear it read each New Year's Eve. Eat your heart out "Twas the Night Before Christmas." ;)

FlickChick said...

Oh, thank you, Val! I fear this will only be chanted by those who have had too much of that bath tub variety booze!

Diane said...

I loved the whole of the chronicles and am a bit sad to see them end but knowing that they did live happily ever after, makes me happy.

ClassicBecky said...

FlickChick, the saga of Norma has come to a happy end -- I'm happy for Norma! I feel a little sorry for Max though - LOL! Is that monkey creepy or what? This has been a great ride, so clever and funny, and it's great to end it on a poetic note. Kudos for a lot of fun!

The Lady Eve said...

I'm so glad Norma's tale ended happily - and with Max. And in verse.

Happy New Year to you, FlickChick! I assume you and Mr. Grant are out on the town tonight - ?

FlickChick said...

Thank you, Diane - I do so hope they lived happily ever after and that Norma takes her meds.

FlickChick said...

Thank you, Becky. As stated, as long as Max makes sure Norma stays on the anti depressants, things will be fine.

FlickChick said...

Yes, Lady Eve - Cary and I stepped out for an early celebration, but where home in bed when the ball dropped. We are resting up for a month of "Vertigo"!

The Lady Eve said...

Meanwhile, back on SUNSET BLVD... I thought you might be interested in this new post, FlickChick, from The Vintage Costume Collector - on an item from his collection worn long ago by one...Norma Desmond...

FlickChick said...

Thank you, Lady Eve! That was fabulous. I'll bet Norma looked even cuter in her pink.

Page said...

Happy New Year FlickChick!
So glad you're part of our little family. You're the best.
I laugh every time I see that dang monkey and think about that over the top chimp funeral. Ha! What a great film. I love it.

FlickChick said...

Same to you, Page! Oh, I agree about the monkey. Certainly not the best looking one, that's for sure!

Dawn said...

This was great.. I really enjoyed reading your chronicles..

Happy New Year and a another wonderful year reading your awesome blog!! Cheers!!

FlickChick said...

Thank you and the same to you Dawwn. I look forward to all of your wonderful posts!