Thursday, December 15, 2011

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS... (movie-wise, that is)

In the spirit of the season, here are some Christmas wishes for some movie-folks who might need a helping hand from Santa. 

Santa, do your stuff!

I wish for Scarlett and Rhett to find their way back to one another.
I wish for Citizen Kane's Mr. Bernstein to meet that girl in the white dress.
I fervently wish Mrs. Danvers does NOT find any matches at Manderley while the master and his missus are out.
I wish for Rick to get his letter of transit and meet up with Ilsa in Paris after the war. All will be forgiven.
I wish for Norma Desmond to make Salome and that's it's a big, mega- hit.
I wish for Rocky Sullivan to get a last minute pardon from the Governor.
I wish for Old Yeller to get a rabies shot.
I wish for Tony Randall to get Doris Day just once!
I wish for Margo Channing to beat Eve Harrington out for a Tony, an Oscar and an Emmy - all in the same year!
I wish for Irene Dunne/Deborah Kerr to look both ways before rushing to the top of the Empire State Building.

Oh yes - and I wish for world peace.
And - to you, Dear Reader, may Santa leave your heart's desire in your stocking, under the tree or any place else where you can find it!


Diane said...

And my wish for Christmas is that Flick Chick continue to write for many many years to come. Thanks for all wonderful blogs you have written.
I love all the movie wishes. Keep it up and thank you, I love reading all your blogs.

John Peurach said...

As always, I love where you're coming from, Ms. FlickChick. And, not just because you know how to avoid the toll roads. But, hey, that's certainly a start in the right direction. Meanwhile, I especially liked the Mr.Bernstein shout-out. All things considered, his scene always seemed to be one of that film's major, only sometimes talked about, highlights. Plus, I really liked the Tony Randall wish. And, of course, I'm - whaddya hear, whaddya say - with you all the way with Rocky Sullivan. In any case, thanks also for tying it all up with an outstanding photo of Susan Hayward. And, oh yeah, all I want for Christmas is to thank you for real for all your amazing work, here, there, and everywhere, all along the online watchtower of sorts. In other words, it really is an endless joy to read your here to there and back thoughts on movies, and to realize that you're out there/in here somewhere forever sharing your love for classic films with an ever growing audience that seriously can't seem to get enough of you. Cut - print it!

FlickChick said...

@ Diane: Thank you so very much. Your comments are very special to me.

FlickChick said...

Oh John, you are my shining star!! My life her and on FB would not be the same without you. May I add one more thing to my list? I wish that you'll be hanging around this neighborhood for a long, long time!

The Lady Eve said...

FlickChick - Yes, yes, yes, yes and - well - 'yes' to all of your movie wishes. I always leave your blog smiling - it isn't just your sense of humor and your way with words, it's that there's always a bit of a happy surprise awaiting me here.

By the way, I've always wondered what Disney was thinking when he made "Old Yeller." Millions of baby boom tots who expected a nice boy-&-his dog movie more than likely got our first taste of PTSD after seeing it.

FlickChick said...

Thank you, Lady Eve. As far as Old Yeller - you're probably right. Who needs Disney to teach us the hard lessons of life?

Christian Esquevin said...

Thank you for your wonderful silver screen wishes FlickChick. At the rate they are making remakes in Hollywood,we may just see some of these wishes come true. Except for Old Yeller, somehow the dog always has to die in movies and in books. I wish you could come up with even more of these classic movie wishes.

FlickChick said...

Christian - you're right about the remakes, but they never are the same, are they? Maybe that should be my ultimate wish - that movies could be as lovely as they once were!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you on Salome. I would see that movie in less than a heartbeat.