Monday, August 8, 2011

A Special Liebster Blog Award From a Very Special Blogger

As The Old Man in "A Christmas Story" says, "A Major Award!"
Classic Becky of Classic Becky's Brain Food, a woman of rare taste and refinement, has chosen my site as one of five for a special award (okay, it's not quite a shapely leg lamp, but it's still major!). "Liebster" in German and Spanish means "beloved." I believe this award began in Germany and look how far it has traveled! What a lovely name for an award I am honored to receive from Becky (told you she had good taste).

Rules of the Award

You can copy this introduction or make up your own. Link back here to my blog. Then pick five other blogs to be given the award. This is hard because there are so many good writers out there they put me to shame (and I'm pretty shameless).

My five "liebchens" are:

Lily Lemontree 
@ Lily gives me my almost daily dose of style, fashion and movie style and fashion. I owe my modish deportment all to her!

Put the Blame on Mame A fresh new-to-me blog with great insightful posts. I'm lovin' it!

Silver Screen Modiste Christian is indeed amazing in both his knowledge and taste regarding film and costumes and fashion. If you need to know more, and be royally entertained, this is your "go to" destination!

The Girl With the White Parasol Aside from the fact that this is one of my favorite named blogs (so stunning), Rachel is an awesome writer.

Movie Montage Another new favorite, well written, fun and full of the kind of posts on the kind of movie I like - so what's not to like?

Please check these great blogs out and let the authors know how much you like them. After all, we do it for the love of movies and certainly not the paycheck!


ClassicBecky said...

Wouldn't it be GREAT to do something you love so much for pay?! I bet that's how Robert Osborne has always felt, lucky dog! I'm glad you liked my picks -and I AM a woman of good taste! LOL!

FlickChick said...

If only we knew about the job opening before Osborne!

Aubyn said...

Thank you very much for the award. I am currently glowing over all the nice things you said. And when it comes from a writer I admire, then it's a special treat.

Becky is indeed a woman of great taste. And I'm now off to examine some of these blogs since a few names are unfamiliar to me.

FlickChick said...

My pleasure, Rachel. It's fun to get connected to some new sites!

Anastasia Schembri said...

How delightful!! I am so honoured, thank you very much for the award!! I will get right on to passing the award along and I will definitely stop by these fabulous blogs!
Hope you are having a splendid summer!

FlickChick said...

My pleasure! I love your blog and look forward to every new post!

Meredith said...

yay! :D thanks again <3 or perhaps a danke schoen is in order.

FlickChick said...

My pleasure, Meredith - thank you for the entertaining blog!

Dawn said...

Congrats!! Flick Chick, you do indeed have a fabulous blog.

FlickChick said...

Dawn - I can say the same for you (times 2!)