Friday, May 13, 2011

Hitchcock Haikus: Movie Haikus #s 8 - 11

I swear these are my very last entires in the Hollywood Haiku contest! I end my obsession with the Hollywood Haikus with a quartet of Hitchcock Haikus.


Never fall in love
With your mark; One bad step leads
to another. Whoops!


Never accept a key
At a motel where you are
The night's only guest


Dodging Crop Dusters
And fighting on Mt Rushmore
Is hard in a suit.


A heart of darkness
Like a worm in an apple
Invades my home town.

This is an entry for the Best For Film Hollywood Haikus blogging competition. Enter now.


Diane said...

Phycho and Vertigo...Those are my most favorite of all that you have put up. Here's to you...winning.

FlickChick said...

Thank you! Actually, "Shadow of a Doubt" is my favorite.

ClassicBecky said...

Shadow of a Doubt is really fabulous! North by Northwest is wonderfully comic. Those are my very favorites. Great job, FlickChick. You are good at these!

FlickChick said...

I am officially over these, but I do like #11 best of all. This was sure fun!

ClassicBecky said...

Let's pretend I am judge -- the one and only, my word is final. (Ah, the power!!) You have won Prizes 1-4. The winning order would be:

11. Shadow of a Doubt (wish I'd written it, really haunting, great imagery.

4. Some Like it Hot - hilarious!

1. Sunset Boulevard - very good sense of pathos

7. Sweet, funny, very wet (ha ha)

Congratulations, you have won .... well, my respect. You can't take it to the bank, but for what it's worth......

FlickChick said...

Now you're the kind of judge I like! (the $5 is in the mail ;)..)

ClassicBecky said...

Boy, you are up early too! I get the monetary PRIZE? Now that's the kind of judging I like!

DorianTB said...

FlickChick, as an avid Hitchcock fan, I absolutely loved your Hitchcock Haikus! You evoked the films all so well with an economy of words. They're all great, but I'll admit I particularly loved the haikus based on VERTIGO and NORTH BY NORTHWEST.

FlickChick said...

Why thank you, Dorian. I love Hitchcock, too, so it was not hard to get to the heart of the matter!

Caftan Woman said...

"Shadow of a Doubt" is beautiful.

You can't fool me. Even if you don't post any more, you will keep on haikuing (is that a word?).

FlickChick said...

Yes - I am afraid that I am haiku-ing, but only in private now!