Saturday, March 29, 2014

Film Fans are Fierce: The Power of Movies

I am going share an amazing journey with you that started with the love of movies.

Like so many other bloggers, I started writing A PERSON IN THE DARK to share my love of movies. In the beginning, before I branched out a bit and met more like-minded writers, I really did feel alone in the dark. Was anyone out there? Being very impatient and extremely self critical, I almost threw in the towel before long. But, someone near and dear to me had encouraged me to go on Facebook ("why do I need to do that?" I whined) and I decided to make a page for my blog. Day 1: 2 people were on it and I posted a link to my blog. My alter ego was FlickChick and I looked just like Norma Desmond.

FlickChick's first look - an homage to the woman who
lived for those wonderful people in the dark

I promptly forgot about it.

Imagine my surprise when, checking back a few weeks later, other people had "liked" my page. Who were they? Why were they there? No matter, I began to feel the need to make them want to stay.

4 years later FlickChick had over 6,500 followers. The page had evolved into a movie question of the day with more than 100 or so movie lovers checking in each day and playing along. I admit this required a fair amount of work on my part - preparing questions, photos and movie clips daily (I have hundreds of pages of movie questions saved). However, it was a labor of love. Truly. 
The evolution of FlickChick

Classic film lovers often find it difficult to find someone with whom they can share their love of film. it's always easy for folks to find buddies to share a passion for football or baseball, but James Cagney or Charlie Chaplin? Ann Dvorak or Kay Francis? For me, this is the beauty of social media. Facebook offers a place for film lovers from, not only all across the country, but around the world, to share their love of film. We taught one another, fought with one another, entertained each other, and established some wonderful friendships.

After 4 years, I have enough stories to fill a book. There were the juvenile jerks who had to get booted off the page, my heroes who always came to my rescue when I was attacked, the great ARISTOCATS battle, the wonderful group viewings and the beyond fantastic Oscar parties. Best of all are the dozens of real friendships that have developed from that little page that could. It recently warmed my heart when one east coast friend of the page actually stopped in on a west coast friend while traveling in California and shared it with all of us. A cyber connection became a face to face meeting. it was the love of movies that brought them together.

It has come time for me to bring the FlickChick Facebook page to a close. After 4 years I think we've covered every film topic under the sun. I feel a little sad, but many of the FlickChick Nation (as our resident wit and epic poster John P. calls us) have migrated to FlickChick's Movie Playground, a Facebook group with many of the usual suspects and a place where everyone can post and converse and generally share the love of that common bond that unites us. We plan more fun, more giveaways and, hopefully, will strengthen the bond that unites us as friends.

And I do consider these folks my friends. In fact, we are in the beginning discussions of a FlickChick Film Festival in New York in the near future. It will take some planning, but how wonderful that folks who only know one another through  cyberspace, and who were brought together by the love of movies, are willing to make the effort to meet in person. I hope it all comes true. It would be a wonderful testament to the power and passion of classic film lovers.


The Lady Eve said...

What a great story, FlickChick. I knew you were fabulous but I didn't have a clue about the saga of your Facebook page. And if there is a Flick Chick Film Festival in New York one day...oh my!! We might yet have those Martinis at the Plaza. Here's to you, m'dear!

Inge Gregusch said...

I remember it well. A friend of another Facebook friend had typed in "Chick Flicks". Somehow, this became "FlickChick"--and--I was hooked. Thank you for a wonderful four years! You know I'm there at the Playground and anywhere else that you, our "fearless leader" go. And, of course, thank you for telling the story. It's an inspiring one!

Patti said...

It's true...beautiful friendships can be formed in the cyber world. In fact, my daughter traveled to 3 weddings last year (was a bridesmaid in 2 of them), and she'll be traveling to one again (as a bridesmaid) this year. All of those friendships are extremely dear and precious...and all of them began online.

In order to manage my online time, I've had to cut back on social networks. I don't use Facebook much. I HAD started a FB page for my blog (They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To) about 2 months ago, but I ended up deleting it. Low readership made me feel it wasn't worth my time.

So even though you don't see me around the playground, you will find me a regular visitor to your blog.

DorianTB said...

Marsha, they say when God closes a door, He opens a window. (The wiseacre part of me pipes up: "The trick is not to jump out of it!" :-)) I've always enjoyed A Person in the Dark, and now I'll look forward to ChickFlick's Movie Playground, if you'll have me!
Kudos to you and your further adventures! :-D

P.S. to Patti: No need to feel bad about cutting back on your blog; I know from experience that writing a blog can be time-consuming. There's no shame in NOT writing a blog if your heart isn't in it now. Maybe you'll be more interested in it again someday, or maybe there are other things that you're more interested in. The important thing is to do positive things that move YOU. In any case, your comments are always well worth reading!

Page said...

Thanks for sharing how you got started.
I wasn't around the Blogasphere when you got started so all I know is its been a must read for me as long as I've been reading blogs on Classic films.
Your passion for classic movies and the stars who shined bright from the inception of cinema make this blog a stand out.
Truly blessed you're still going strong and churning out must read articles for the rest of us.
Thanks again for giving us some insight on how A Person In the Dark came to be.
All the best!

FlickChick said...

Lady Eve - I am saving a seat for you at the Oak Bar!

FlickChick said...

Inge - you have been such a special friend of both this blog and the FB page. Thank you for everything!

FlickChick said...

Patti - what a great story. Cyberspace can be a friendly place after all.

FlickChick said...

Dorian: FB has proven to be a nice compliment to the blog experience for me. And no - I will not be jumping out any window soon (like my gal Ann Dvorak).

FlickChick said...

Thanks so much for you kind words, Page - much appreciated!


First, thanks for accepting me in the FB group. With the new politics there, I can see how fanpages are not useful anymore.
Second, thanks for sharing your story about the classic film community online. I feel the same about it: I wouldn't be who I am without you guys!

Silver Screenings said...

NOOOOOOO! I adore your blog and am sad to see you're winding it down. However, I understand what a commitment blogging is, especially one that has so much TLC put into it like yours.

Still, I'm glad to see you're on Facebook. You always have interesting things to share. :)