Saturday, June 29, 2013

You're Invited! Joan Crawford's July 4th House Party

Say what you want about our Joan, she knows how to throw a party.

When it comes to being a hostess, Joan leaves nothing to chance. And because she's a patriotic gal, she wouldn't dream of letting Independence Day go by without a swell shindig at her place with all of her good friends (and you, too, of course!).

So, welcome to Joan's home!

Please make sure you remove your shoes....

First: Getting the house ready.
As we all know, Joan loves a clean house and in order to be party-ready she makes sure every inch of her gracious home is spic and span and ready for company.
Joan always adds a personal touch
Making sure the tennis court looks just right
The pool is looking fine
But just in case, she walks the perimeter for one last inspection
Next: Getting herself ready is both a mental and physical task.
Joan never appears less than perfect and will wear many outfits and hairstyles during her party. She is a star and it is expected of her!
This is serious business
Just in case Maurice Chevalier shows up
Joan finds the perfect outfit to welcome her friends to her July 4th party!

Next: The Guest List
Good friends make for a swell party.
Joan labored over her guest list

"Everyone into the pool!"

Joan and buddy Clark Gable enjoy a swim
Claudette Colbert looks as though she is having a good time
Ex-hubby Franchot Tone showed up with fireworks on his mind
Other ex-hubby Doug Fairbanks, Jr. also showed up, but he only had
the pool in mind. Joan always stayed friends with her exes.
Joan and dear friend William Haines share a lovely moment

Next: Food and Refreshments
It is important to make sure your guests are never hungry or thirsty.
Joan did a lot of the cooking herself - what a gal!

Joan keeps a watchful eye on director Clarence Brown as he cuts the cake
Joan loves to serve her guests

Joan believed in keeping her guests refreshed
For obvious reasons, Joan NEVER serves hot dogs at her parties
Because it is the 4th of July, Joan makes sure there are special fireworks for her guests.

Joan had big things in mind. Her party had to be spectacular.

This was a little nerve-wracking

Oops! That wasn't supposed to happen!

But Joan was game. She hopped right back on her rocket, sailed across
the sky and wished all of her guests a Happy Independence Day!

Wishing you all a glorious 4th!

p.s. A girl needs a little refresher after playing hostess all day! Drink up, Joannie. You earned it.


Inge Gregusch said...

This is a wonderful tribute to Joan and a terrific way to celebrate your 4th of July! Love, love, love this post!

Unknown said...

I absolutely loved this post.. what a clever idea!! Happy 4th of July!!

FlickChick said...

Thanks so much, Inge! I look forward to seeing what you've been up to on your site soon! (hint hint).

FlickChick said...

Hi Dawn! I just have to believe that Joan would go to the ends of the earth to please her guests.


How lovely! It was a very funny post. You sure had a lot of work to find all the pictures. I especially loved the dachshund.
Happy 4th of July!

FlickChick said...

Le - Joan had many, many kinds of dogs during her lifetime (especially those poodles towards the end), but she seemed especially fond of the little dachshunds.

DorianTB said...

Marsha, Joan Crawford's July 4th House Party was simply delightful! It's clearly a labor of love, with all the fabulous photos you found! I don't know how much of your captions were just kidding around, but if it's true that Joan stayed friends with her exes, I'd say that's pretty darn cool! I for one could definitely imagine Joan being a hands-on gal willing to do much of the work herself! :-) Your comment about Maurice Chevalier especially cracked me up, as well as "Oops! That wasn't supposed to happen..."! What fun, and what a great post!

FlickChick said...

Thanks, Dorian. I am always on Team Crawford - love Joanie to pieces

Samantha said...

I know she lit the fireworks but do you think she cooks?

FlickChick said...

Samantha - I do indeed think she cooks. Joan excelled at housekeeping in general.

Silver Screenings said...

Fabulous! This looks like the absolute BEST 4th of July party.

And happy Independence Day to you and yours. :)

Christian Esquevin said...

FlickChick, I always knew that Joan loved having a good time. But now you showed me the proof. Happy 4th to you too.

FlickChick said...

Silver Screenings - You just know that Joan would be nothing less than the perfect hostess.

FlickChick said...

Thanks, Christian - it was fun to take a peek at Joan's party!