Tuesday, May 16, 2017

National Classic Movie Day: 5 Favorite Movie Stars

In honor of National Classic Movie Day (May 16th), The Classic Film and TV Cafe is hosting the Five Stars Blogathon. 

Okay, it's really hard to confine this to 5, but here goes (in no particular order): 

James Cagney

Notice how I managed to insert Ms. Sheridan here?

5 reasons why:
He was the first movie star I fell in love with.
He has more charisma than any other star. Ever.
A tough guy who dances? Talk about having it all.
That bad-boy smile
New York to the core

5 favorite Cagney films:
Love Me or Leave Me
Angels With Dirty Faces
City For Conquest
The Strawberry Blonde

Cary Grant

Hello, Handsome
5 reasons why:
That face
That voice
The way he looks in a tux
More charm than any person on earth. Period.
With all of the above he never is afraid to be silly

5 favorite Grant films:
People Will Talk
North By Northwest
The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer

Ann Dvorak

Ann being hard to resist
5 reasons why:
Her voice
Her eyes
The way she always seemed to be on last raw nerve
She makes me want to know more about her when I am watching her
She always seemed so sophisticated(even in her pre-code lingerie)

5 favorite Dvorak films:
Three on a Match
The Strange Love of Molly Louvain
Heat Lightning
A Life of her Own

Charlie Chaplin

Sneaking a little Edna Purviance in with Charlie

5 reasons why:
He is the greatest movie star
The humanity of the Little Tramp
He makes me laugh
He makes me cry
He is eternal

5 favorite Chaplin films:
City Lights
The Kid
Modern Times
The Great Dictator
The Mutual Shorts (yes – cheating here – picking all 12 of them)

Jack Lemmon

The joy of Daphne
5 reasons why:
I am always surprised by how much I like him! In fact, I’m surprised to see him on this list.
He is extraordinarily ordinary in the very best way
He makes me want to be always on his side
As soon as I see him on screen, I feel better
He’s always good, no matter the film, no matter the part

5 favorite Lemmon films:
The Apartment
Mr. Roberts
Some Like it Hot
The Fortune Cookie

Apologies to Ann Sheridan, Edna Purviance, Tony Randall and Buster Keaton who would have been there if they could.

For more star-studded celebrations of Classic Movie Day, visit the Classic Film and TV Cafe and see if any of your favorites made the cut.


John/24Frames said...
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Caftan Woman said...

"Five" is not an easy number for this list, but you did it! I love the people on your list and really enjoyed your set-up.

Ann Dvorak was someone my dad really admired. From the place where movie buffs go, he's giving you an approving nod.

Unknown said...

Good list, even if I am instinctively suspicious of such a list that does not include the inimitable James Stewart, the star/actor with the greatest emotional range and role versatility. Still, when you're winnowing to five.... Nice comments, too.

Unknown said...

Great choices! I invite you to add your post to this week's The Classic Movie Marathon Link Party http://classicmovietreasures.com/classic-movie-marathon-link-party-8/

John/24Frames said...

Lemmon almost made my list. He was one of my favorites for so many years. Fantastic in Wilder’s films. Dorvak is another great choice. As a male, I always found her sexy. Okay, let’s face it, all your choices are terrific. Chaplin, Grant and Cagney are all brilliant choices in the cinematic galaxy.

Silver Screenings said...

Bravo for "sneaking in" Edna Purviance and Ann Sheridan!

Every post I've read so far in this blogathon has made terrific choices, and yours is a prime example. I can't believe I didn't even CONSIDER Charlie Chaplin!

toto2 said...

I am thrilled that Jack Lemmon is on your list! I love him more and more each time I see him. He is perfect in "The Apartment" and steals the show in "Some Like It Hot".

Brittaney said...

I chose Cary Grant for many of the same reasons you did! There's just no one like him. I'm happy to see Jack Lemmon on your list. He's one that kind of snuck up on me before I finally realized what a great actor he is.

Citizen Screen said...

You've impeccable taste! THAT.IS.ALL


Christian Esquevin said...

A nice diverse list with great actors. I've long admired Ann Dvorak and almost picked Cary Grant and Jimmy Cagney for my own list. Jack Lemmon was such a great actor. Here at the Coronado Film Festival I saw his son in "A Twist of Lemmon" a one man show recounting his relationship and also taking on his father's persona - amazing. Thanks for sharing your favorites.

carygrantwonteatyou.com said...

Love your reasons, especially for choosing Lemmon because your admiration for him sneaks up on you. That's a good measure.

The Metzinger Sisters said...

Ann Dvorak! Wow, now that's an interesting choice. I'm ashamed to admit I have not yet seen one of her films, but seeing her name on your list means I'll have to check out her films ( as well as Grant's "People Will Talk" ).

Unknown said...

I am nodding my head furiously as I go through your list. Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes! And yes to your choices of the best films for each. Ann Dvorak! (I see I'm not the only one loving this choice). I watch "Three on a Match" and/or "A Life of her own" when the weather is stormy and I find I have some me time - and I escape into each. And Chaplin. Of course, he's the greatest!


Great list! Many people love Jack Lemmon - I was surprised when we hosted a blogathon honoring him, and also with these lists. He is more popular than I thought! Very nice of you to include Ann Dvorak - she's wonderful! And I agree with all reasons to choose Cagney ;)
Thanks for the kind comment!