Tuesday, November 27, 2012

True Classics Limericks - Part Deux

These are yet more entries in the
True Classics Limerick Contest
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fun and  fabulous entries!

(I just can't help myself!)

The Apartment

A man with a key had appeal
To his boss - for his love nest - that heel!

But he loved the operator
Of the corporate elevator

So for her, he'd just shut up and deal.

Blazing Saddles

Western dinners are made over coal
And cowboys eat beans in a bowl.

Who knew that a fart
Would be viewed as high art?

But such laughter is good for the soul.

Thanks, True Classics, for the fun!!


ClassicBecky said...

These are great! The Apartment one is really good, but Blazing Saddles is limerick fantastique! So funny!

Samantha said...

Sunset Blvd. is my favorite. You are brilliant.

Silver Screenings said...

These are good too! I agree with Classic Becky - my money's on Blazing Saddles.


I didn't enter the True Classics contest because it's for US only, and I'm form Brazil. Besides, I've never tried limericks, but the ones I read are so cool! Loved yours!

FlickChick said...

Becky - finally I get to rhyme something about Mel's tribute to flatulence!

FlickChick said...

Thanks, Samantha - I figured you'd like that one.

FlickChick said...

SS - thanks - I had fun doing these.

FlickChick said...

Oh, Le, you should give a limerick a Brazilian twist!!

ClassicBecky said...

A truly monumental ambition, Chick, and now you can die happy ... in lieu of flowers, I'll bring stinkweed...

Brandie said...

Ahhhhh thanks for your wonderful contributions!!!! I loved reading these. Thank you so much for helping us celebrate our blogiversary in style! :D