Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Classic Six Degrees of Separation: Tag - You're It!

Getting From Here:

To Here 

in Six (or so) Not-So-Easy Steps
So, Vince at Carole & Co.  conquered the first round of Page's Classic Six Degrees of Separation by successfully linking Mabel Normand to Walter Matthau. His challenge is to link Carole Lombard with Goldie Hawn. Lucky for me, I'm up first. 

My first choice is Carole and  Cary Grant in "In Name Only." (always happy to post a photo of Cary here).

I pass this over to Jessica at "Comet Over Hollywood."  Good luck, Jessica.

By the way, here's a recap (courtesy of Vince):
it started with Mabel Normand and Walter Matthau, and you had six degrees to get from one to the other. 

Page passed the torch on to Dave of "Dave's Classic Films." Here's how the game went:

* Dave chose Normand with Adolphe Menjou in "Head Over Heels" (1927), sending it to...

* Becky of "ClassicBecky's Brain Food" linked Menjou with Kirk Douglas in "Paths Of Glory" (1957); it then went to...

* Dawn of "Noir And Chick Flicks" paired Douglas with Gena Rowlands in "Lonely Are The Brave" (1962); next up was...

* Page again, who linked Rowlands to Rock Hudson in "The Spiral Road" (1962) -- from there it went to...

* Priscilla of "Reel Revival," who stayed with "Spiral Road" and linked Hudson to Burl Ives; she then handed it to me.

* Vince of "Carole & Co." successfully made the connection, and linked Ives and Matthau together in "Ensign Pulver" (1964).

* Vince started a new game challenging us to link Carole Lombard to Goldie Hawn.


Diane said...

How much fun is this. I just loved it and it is amazing just six degrees.

Page said...

YAY Cary! lol
Love your choice.

FlickChick said...

It might be just a little too easy, but I couldn't resist going with Cary.